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This section explores aspects of crafting original works of fiction - short stories, novels, TV show scripts and feature films screenplays.

Writing - Inspiration


what to write about

Stories / books / movies you like inspire you to create your own worlds.

Writing - Hardware


what to write on

Whether it be pen & ink, old fashioned typewriter, desktop PC, or portable laptop, choose the implements that suit you best.

And don't forget - be mindful about where you choose to write!

A dedicated space is key - it isn't so much disruptions bursting our creative bubbles that infringe on our writing time; it is the threat of disruption which makes it nearly impossible to form the bubble in the first place.

Writing - Software


what to write with

Most writers today craft their stories on computers.

MS Word remains a dominant application for those of us in the Lost Art stable. Not only is this software conducive to hammering out draft after draft, it's good at formatting and prepping documents for PDF.

The Adobe Creative Cloud suite is popular among Lost Artists, from Adobe InDesign (book cover creation) to Illustrator (sketches & graphics) to Premiere Pro and After Effects (videos promoting stories make for great marketing).

Writing - Production


the writing method

Writing - Distribution
Writing - Theory


the writing craft